Tips For Including A Dispensary Visit As Part Of A Date

If you're a cannabis user and have recently started to date someone else who has expressed an affinity for cannabis products, one creative way that you can spend a date together is to visit a local cannabis dispensary. Doing so might seem a little less conventional than going to dinner and a movie, but suggesting this idea can also give your date an appreciation for your creative thinking. Find a local cannabis dispensary and plan to visit it — or, you might even want to think about visiting two separate dispensaries that offer different experiences for customers. Here are some tips for centering a date around this destination.

Talk About Your Favorite Products

Everyone uses cannabis products in different ways, so your date is an opportunity for you to talk about your preferred methods of cannabis use — and hear how your date enjoys using this substance. This type of conversation can expose you to usage methods that you perhaps hadn't previously considered or that had many intimidated you. The dispensary is a perfect location for you to show your date some of your favorite products while he or she does the same for you.

Buy Each Other Something

Many people show up with some type of gift when they go on a date. A bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates are classic examples. When you visit a local cannabis dispensary with your date, you might have some fun buying something for one another. Instead of doing so in advance, though, you can shop during your visit to the recreational dispensary. The amount that you spend depends on how serious you are as a couple, but there are many different ways to approach buying a gift. While you can certainly buy cannabis for one another, another option is to buy a storage container or a cannabis device that the person will use repeatedly.

Enjoy Some Together

Wrap up your dispensary visit date by buying one or more cannabis products for you to enjoy together. For example, you might buy some cannabis to use with a water pipe, or buy a small package of edibles and have one each. Keep in mind your respective cannabis tolerance levels when you shop and use because you'll want to spend the date enjoying the company of one another, not getting drowsy and potentially falling sleep — thus ending the date earlier than you might have expected.