5 Great Reasons You Should Learn to Reload Your Gun

Reloading provides gun enthusiasts with a convenient way to meet their ammunition needs without purchasing factory made bullets. Many people value the sense of self-reliance that making their own bullets provides them with, and others appreciate the fact that reloading allows them to save as much as 50 percent on ammunition costs.

If you are considering learning how to reload but aren't yet convinced of the substantial advantages to doing so, here are five good reasons why reloading is quickly gaining in popularity among hunters, target shooters, and other firearms hobbyists.

There's a Shortage of Factory-made Ammunition

The nationwide ammunition shortage that the country is currently experiencing has caused many gun owners to take up reloading. Many are concerned that ammunition may become in even shorter supply in the future and want to ensure that their ammo needs are met in the event of that occurring.

The ammo shortage is the major reason that the price of factory made bullets has risen significantly. Many modern firearms enthusiasts believe that there many come a time when ammunition is all but impossible to purchase, but there is not much evidence that this scenario will come to pass.

You Can Create Custom Bullets

Even firearms that have been mass produced are slightly different from one another. Reloading allows you to design and produce bullets specifically for your own firearms, and this can have a substantial impact on accuracy. For instance, a long range hunter who is skilled at reloading may be able to significantly increase marksmanship by making custom bullets.

You can also create lighter bullets to minimize recoil, or the "kick" that occurs after a rifle is fired. The ability to do this is particularly handy if you are teaching a young family member to shoot using your rifle. As a general rule, the less a person weighs, the less recoil they can physically handle until they are well-trained in gun handling techniques.

You Can Be More Self-reliant

When you practice reloading, you can make as many or as little bullets as you need. Many people like the security of always having a way to access ammunition in the event of a national emergency or other type of societal upheaval, while others simply appreciate the convenience of being able to create bullets on an as-needed basis instead of having to purchase boxes of ammo.

You Can Make Bullets for Antique Firearms

Because most antique firearms won't work with factory made bullets, reloading is a popular activity among vintage gun owners. Collectors often participate in competitions specific to antique guns, which adds a fun social aspect to developing a hobby involving antique guns.

Many of these competitions are family-friendly events that last for days. Besides target shooting contests, these gatherings feature exhibits of antique and military firearms, demonstrations of shooting and gun handling techniques, and opportunities for social interaction such as dinners and dances.

Reloading Can Be Enjoyable

Many people simply enjoy the process of making bullets. As mentioned before, reloading provides a sense of personal satisfaction and achievement, and it can be a relaxing way to take a little time out from the stresses of everyday life. You'll also learn a great deal about how guns operate by becoming skilled in the art of reloading, which will add to your enjoyment of your firearms hobby.

You can give yourself a great start in your journey with reloading by taking a reloading class in order to learn the basics. Various local gun reloading supplies dealers should be able to point you in the direction of a good community resource for these classes, or might be able to teach you themselves.