Tips For Selecting A Shooting Target

Picking out shooting targets shouldn't be rocket science, right? After all, its main purpose is to take a few bullets, so how complicated can they be? Of course, nothing in life that's worth doing is all that easy. Shooting targets come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials, and which one is best for you will depend on what your goals at the range are. Your options will look much different if your goal is just to fire off a few rounds and have a good time than they will if you're at the range for serious practice. [Read More]

Teaching Your Teen Firearm Safety: What You Can Do

When you have a teen that is interested in learning about and learning to use firearms, whether for hunting, for sport shooting, or other purposes, your primary concern is likely for their safety and the safety of the people around them. Firearm safety is an important topic and one that should be addressed in several ways to ensure that the lessons sink in. Learn some of the steps you can take to teach your child firearm safety effectively. [Read More]

Easy Tips to Keep the Winter Weight Off

People often put on a decent amount of weight during the winter due to inactivity. It's easy to understand why: the temperature out is cold, so you stay indoors and eat food and don't do much. This is even one of the reasons why some bodybuilders choose to "bulk" during the cold winter months. Bulking is the period of time when you add a lot of extra calories to your diet in order to gain muscle (an unfortunate side effect of " [Read More]

Tips For Including A Dispensary Visit As Part Of A Date

If you're a cannabis user and have recently started to date someone else who has expressed an affinity for cannabis products, one creative way that you can spend a date together is to visit a local cannabis dispensary. Doing so might seem a little less conventional than going to dinner and a movie, but suggesting this idea can also give your date an appreciation for your creative thinking. Find a local cannabis dispensary and plan to visit it — or, you might even want to think about visiting two separate dispensaries that offer different experiences for customers. [Read More]