Paddling To A Destination? Pack Your Board For A Day Of Fun

If you're paddling to a destination, such as an island just off the coast or the tip of a peninsula that's easier to reach by water than by land, why not plan on spending the whole day at your destination? You'll likely be tired of paddling by the time you arrive, and hanging around for a while will give your muscles a chance to recover before the trip home. Plus, exploring a new place or relaxing on a remote island beach is a great way to get the adrenaline flowing. Make sure you bring along the right gear for the challenge.

Regardless of your destination, you should bring along...

Sunscreen: Even if it's cloudy out, spending hours without cover on the water will expose you to plenty of harmful UV rays. Bring your sunscreen along so you can reapply it before the trip home.

Personal Identification: Even if you're the most experienced paddleboarder in your town, accidents happen, and it's essential that anyone who might find you injured is able to identify you.

Water: Dehydration can cause serious health issues. Experts recommend drinking 34 ounces of water for every hour of exercise in hot weather. Plus, you'll want some extra for the time you spend at your destination. Pack one large bottle on your board-mounted water bottle holder, and several additional bottles in your deck bag.

Snacks: You'll need to refuel your body after your first paddling session so you have enough energy to make it back. Bring some packaged snacks such as granola bars and crackers. Seal them in waterproof containers, and stash them in your deck pack.

Sunglasses: It might be cloudy when you take off, but the sun can come out quickly and inhibit your vision on the way back home. Rubberized ones with a neck strap are best, so you don't lose them.

If you plan on chilling on the beach at your destination, pack...

Water Shoes or Flip Flops: Chances are the beaches at your remote destination aren't groomed. You don't want to risk cutting yourself on rocks or glass, so be smart and wear shoes, even if you usually paddle barefoot.

A Cover-Up or Large T-Shirt: You'll probably want sun protection at some point, and it's nice to have some loose clothing to toss on.

If you're going to explore the terrain at your destination, bring...

A GPS Device or Compass: If there is any possibility of you becoming lost (which there is if the island you're visiting is more than a few feet long) then you can ensure your safety by bringing along a GPS device, or at the very least, a compass. Pack your GPS in a waterproof container inside your deck bag, and make sure it's fully charged before you set out.

More Substantial Food: The more you exert yourself climbing over rocks and tree limbs, the hungrier you'll be. Paddling home while exhausted and hungry is not safe, so bring along some sandwiches or more substantial food so you can keep your body well-fueled.

Other fun things to pack include:

A Miniature Barbecue Grill: If you have a miniature grill that sits on the ground and enough room in your deck pack, bring it along. Make sure you pack some great food to grill at your destination, too. Pre-cooked sausages packed on ice are a good choice.

A Sketch Pad or Notebook: If you're an artist or a writer, make sure you bring along this gear so you can engage in your hobby while you're in your beautiful destination. You never know when you'll see that beautiful mountainscape or beach scene that serves as the inspiration for your masterpiece.

Setting out on a destination paddleboard adventure is not safe or fun if you don't have the right equipment and supplies. Make sure you have, at a minimum, a few waterproof containers, a reliable deck pack, and a water bottle holder for your board before you set out. Keep the packing tips above in mind and pack wisely, based on the activities you plan on enjoying once you arrive. For more information, contact a company like Nocqua.