Ways To Make Your Mini Golf Outing Special During A First Date

The local mini golf course is a popular destination for many types of people, but you'll commonly find teenaged couples enjoying their first date over a round of mini golf. If you're gearing up for your first date and have selected this location as your venue, it's ideal to put some effort into making the outing more special. You'll likely be experiencing a case of the nerves, but some attention to detail can increase the probability that you and your new significant other will be enjoying yourselves. Here are some things that you can do.

Find Out A Low-Traffic Time

Mini golf courses can be busy during peak times; for example, a Friday night in the summer will often see the venue packed with people. Busy conditions can be a little disruptive to your first date. When you're playing mini golf, you'll want to do so at a relaxed pace and enjoy some conversation throughout. Call the mini golf course ahead of time and find out a day and time that the course is quieter. You can then suggest this day and time when planning the date. Going on a Monday night, for example, might result in fewer people competing for a spot on the course.

Visit Early To Pay

A nice step to take before your date is to visit the mini golf course and pay for the games of you and your date. Explain the situation by stating what you're doing, and ask the employee to leave a note in the kiosk for other staff that will specify your arrival time. When you show up, you won't have to go through the potentially awkward debate over who will pay — and your date will undoubtedly appreciate that you made a special effort on his or her behalf.

Arrange To Have Food Delivered

If the mini golf course doesn't sell food, arrange to have a meal and some drinks delivered from a local restaurant. This can help to extend your enjoyable round of golf. Courses often have picnic tables throughout for players who bring their own food, so you can arrange to have some pizza, for example, delivered to the course at a specific time. Keep an eye out for the delivery driver, and then quickly head to the parking lot to pick up the food. You can enjoy the meal together at a picnic table and then complete your round of play afterward.