Masters Practice Round Hospitality Packages – The Stars Come Out Early At Augusta

The Masters Golf Tournament kicks off the official start to the PGA season. Although it's not the first the first event of the year, it is the first of the big four majors. The Masters also welcomes springtime to the world with the beauty and splendor that is Augusta National.

Being a part of the 4-day tournament is wonderful, but if you're on a budget and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where you can get closer to your favorite players, Augusta offers a number of practice round packages. Here are some considerations when choosing a Masters hospitality package that offer day badges for the practice rounds from Sunday to Wednesday.

One important thing to consider is how many spectators will be strolling the links at August beginning Thursday morning. Once the first official drive is sent skyward off the first tee, the crowds will steadily begin to build. Logically the main event is a priority, so selecting a Master's package that includes tickets to the practice rounds is a great way to get closer to your favorite golfers.

Practice rounds are situations where the golfers are still preparing for 4-round tournament, but they are invariably more sociable. Practice round packages are broken down in the following way, each with appealing elements.

  • Sunday & Monday Block – Monday Badge

If you want to avoid the large crowds inherent at the season's first major tournament, you can opt for a Sunday and Monday night stay over. Hotels prices in Augusta increase, as the start of the Masters gets closer. If you choose to stay the first two nights, the hospitality package will give you a Monday practice round badge. A badge is like your entrance to the course, just like a ticket. Badges must be worn anytime you are on the property at Augusta National.

Since the pressure of performance won't become a factor until counting strokes becomes official on Thursday morning, the golfers are more relaxed. The Monday practice rounds are the most laid back of all three days leading up to the start of the Masters.

  • Monday & Tuesday Block – Monday Badge & Tuesday Badge

Booking a two-day reservation for Monday and Tuesday will give you the option of picking a Monday badge, a Tuesday badge, or one for each day. This is one of the most preferred practice round hospitality packages. Since the price goes up as the official start of the tournament nears, this setup gives golf fans the appeal of

Tuesday & Wednesday Block – Tuesday Badge & Wednesday Badge

Selecting Tuesday and Wednesday as your option, starts to bring you closer to the actual event. The throng of golf fans will balloon each day leading up to the Wednesday par-3 practice tournament. If you come in on Tuesday planning to stay over Tuesday and Wednesday night, you may miss a few of the top-level players early practice round.

Many of the world's best golfers will start early on Tuesday and put in a long day of practice, opting to take some time off on Wednesday. Fans have reported not seeing certain golfers at all on Wednesday, except for an appearance at the mini-tournament.

  • Full Block – Monday Through Wednesday – All Badges

An excellent way to enjoy all the fun of the practice period leading up to the Masters is to book accommodations Sunday through Wednesday. This will let you pick any particular day badge, or one for each practice round. This is the ultimate experience, especially if it's your first Masters.

Having access to all three days of practice will give you Monday to get a feel for Augusta and Tuesday to seek out some autographs and shoot some great photographs. Then, on Wednesday you can enjoy the last day of practice and the par-3 tournament.

It's highly unlikely that any of the players will sign autographs in the middle of a major tournament, but they frequently joke and interact with the galleries during the practice rounds. Come Thursday morning when the first pairings head to the tee, cameras will also be banned from Augusta, so if you want pictures, you need to consider attending the practice rounds.

The Masters professional golf tournament, a yearly sports spectacle from Augusta, Georgia is a pricey ticket. But, you can rub elbows with some of the best golfers in the world if you grab yourself a hospitality package for the 3 days of practice rounds.