Small School Gyms: Benefits Of A Free Standing Volleyball Net

No one likes to play sports in a small gym, but many schools do not have the option of a bigger playing area. If the school you work at has a small gym, then your options may be limited when considering an indoor volleyball court. One option that you should take a good look at is a free standing volleyball net. These full indoor systems not only feature a stable net and free-standing platforms, but they come with several benefits when dealing with a small gym.

Easy Coaching

Coaching in a small gym can be a challenge. It can be hard to see every player at once, you may get in the way a lot, and the lack of a proper volleyball net can create many training challenges. When you have a standing volleyball net installed, your coaching can completely change. You can use the standing platform to see and evaluate all of the players. The net will be stable for rough and competitive play. You can stay on the stand as players run drills and get as much practice in as they can.

Quick Set Up & Take Down

During volleyball season, you may find that you are sharing the gym with other indoor sports like basketball or cheerleading. If this is the case, then you will need a way to quickly set up and take down a volleyball net. This is where a free standing net can help. Both stands on the sides of the net feature rollers on them. This allows you to quickly set up the net and take advantage of the limited practice time that you have. You can also prevent other practice delays by quickly taking the net down at the end of practice.

Referee Stands

The referee position at a basketball game is another important element to consider when dealing with a small gym. Just like the coaching position, the platform area on the sides of the net are also ideal for referees. In a small gym, it may be harder to see the lines for the court. By standing up high and getting a clear view, referees have the ability to make accurate calls and keep the games as fair as possible.

Durability and Damage

When playing in a small gyms, balls will bounce and parts of a volleyball net are bound to get hit. A free standing system has durable sides with padding and extra features to ensure that everything stays protected. This will help keep the net around for multiple years and seasons of indoor volleyball.

Shop online to find the best deals on the free standing nets. The use of these nets can dramatically benefit your small gym.