Purchasing A New Boat For Some Summer Fun? 3 Supplies To Keep You Safe

Having a boat in the summer allows you to have a lot of fun on the water. If you are planning to purchase a boat, there are many supplies you should also purchase to go along with it. Below are three of these supplies that you will not only find useful but could save your life.

Weather Radio

You can keep up with the weather from a smartphone, but a weather radio gives you much more information than just listening to music. For example, the radio can give you wind speed and direction, which can help keep you safe. The radio also gives you the outside temperature and the temperature inside your boat, as well as the wind chill factor. You can hear the weather forecast so you will know if a storm is coming, as well as how high the temperature is going to get that day.

Weather radios are either fixed on the dash in your boat or they are handheld. They are generally inexpensive and you can purchase them at establishments that sell marine supplies, as well as online.

Global Positioning System

Another thing you should have is a global positioning system (GPS). This can be a lifesaver if you get lost on a new lake or get lost in the fog. This device displays coordinates on a screen so you always know exactly where you are. If you have an emergency, such as if your boat breaks down, you can send these coordinates to the Coast Guard so they can easily find you.

Most GPS systems have a radar which can be very helpful as it shows you objects underneath the water that you could run into and cause an accident. It allows you to see other boats so you do not have a collision. This is useful if you are fishing at night and finding it difficult to see very far.


To help keep you safe you should have flares, also known as distress signal devices, in your boat at all times. If you break down this can become a dangerous situation. For example, other boats would not be able to see you at night if you had no lights.

There are hand-held flares or parachute flares that are shot into the air. Some flares float on top of the water while displaying the flame. No matter what type you purchase, the lights are orange, red, and white, which are the distress colors.

Visit a marine supply store in your area to learn much more about these supplies as well as many other you may need to have in your boat.