Beginner's Guide To Hunting Gear

If you have your first hunting trip coming up, you want to make sure you are prepared for every possible scenario. Unfortunately, even if the weather forecast is for beautiful weather, Mother Nature will not always cooperate and you should be ready to hunt in the rain, wind, and even snow. Here are a few simple tips packing tips for first-time hunters.


Wearing the right clothing is critical because it can keep you warm, dry, and comfortable when you are out in the trees or in the bushes waiting for the perfect shot. Here are a few pieces of clothing you will need to stay comfortable outdoors:

  • Jacket. Choose a jacket that is weather-appropriate and waterproof.
  • Layers. Thermal long underwear and a long sleeve shirt are great options for cooler weather. A waterproof sweatshirt can provide an extra layer that can be removed if the temperatures rise.
  • Safety orange. Check with your local department of natural resources to determine which type of safety orange you are required to wear, such as a vest.
  • Boots. Choose boots that are lightweight, comfortable, weather-appropriate, and waterproof.

Bring an extra pair of socks, gloves, and a raincoat if you are expecting inclement weather. Pick up a scent erasing spray and cover your clothing with it before packing up. The spray will eliminate your smell, which will ensure animals are not scared off.

Do not forget you will need something sturdy to store your items, such as a waterproof backpack or duffel.

Hunting Equipment

In addition to your rifle and ammunition, there is a lot more hunting gear you will need to help ensure you are successful on the hunt. Here are a few other essentials you need to bring along:

  • First aid kit. Include plastic bandages, gauze, and antibiotic ointment.
  • Snacks and water. A water bladder is a great option because it holds more liquid. Protein bars, dried fruit, and granola are healthy and will help you maintain your energy.
  • Flashlight or headlamp. A lighting source is a must, especially because during hunting season the days get shorter.
  • Survival blanket. This lightweight blanket will keep you warm and safe if you lose your way.

A rangefinder, which is a camera that will help you approximate the distance of the animal, binoculars, and a GPS will allow you to find prey at a distance, take a better shot, and prevent you from getting lost.

From the right clothing and backpack to a first aid kit and healthy snacks, there are several things you will need to pack when you go hunting. For more information about specific hunting gear, like a weatherproof hunting backpack, contact a local gear supply store.