Features That Let Kids Use A Backyard Playground Many Ways

A backyard playground serves as the setting for plenty of outdoor fun, and it should allow children to have fun while enjoying many different activities. If you're designing a backyard playground for your children, include these features so that they have lots of ways to use them.

Swing Set 

The swing set is one of the most quintessential backyard playground features, as it's found on even the most basic swing sets and playgrounds. You can use a toddler swing when your children are young, and that can be upgraded to a swing large enough for teens or adults later on.

When putting in a swing set, make sure at least two sings are together. Swinging is often a social activity, and placing two sings next to one another allows your child to converse with someone else while sitting outside. Even if they aren't aggressively swinging, the swing can still get them outside for part of the day.


A sandbox is a favorite among young children, and it's especially appropriate for kids who are developing motor skills. Little kids love to sift the sand through their fingers, build sandcastles, dig holes in the sand, and move sand around with toy trucks. 

Teens are much less likely to use a sandbox, but you can remove and replace the feature once your children stop playing with it. The sandbox area of a young child's backyard playground is the ideal size for a hideout once kids are teens. Until then, there will be many hours of imaginative play in the sandbox as your children grow.


A tower itself serves multiple purposes, as children climb up to it, look out from it, and hang out in it. Build a tower that's large enough for at least two children to sit in, and it'll be a favorite place to spy from, and "play pretend" in. Your kids might also use it to read by themselves once they're older.

If you have toddlers, you might not want to provide access to a tower for safety reasons. You should still plan ahead and include the feature in your overall backyard playground design. 

An easy way to safely plan a tower into your design is to build the tower itself, but don't install stairs or ladders until your child can safely climb up to the tower. You can put in the access feature once your children are old enough.