Want A Peaceful And Quiet Outdoor Wedding? 3 Tips For Picking A Venue

In your free time, you may enjoy spending many hours in peaceful and quiet environments. Bookstores, libraries, and parks are just some of the places you may visit on a regular basis. So, when you have recently become engaged and want to start planning out the special day, you may also decide that you are interested in a peaceful and quiet outdoor wedding.

Indoor venues usually offer the most control to satisfy your needs. But you can still enjoy a quiet wedding when you learn about several tips and implement them.


A venue's location will have an enormous impact on outside noise. For instance, a venue close to a highway or major road may inevitably produce road noise. A legitimate concern is that road noise can be consistent over time and increase from honking and tires screeching.

Fortunately, you can find a reliable solution in demanding an outdoor venue away from nearby highways, roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. Ideally, you want your venue to be far enough away from infrastructure and features that you do not have to worry about outside noise.


Some businesses only have a single venue that they maintain, while others have multiple venues to cater to couples with different wants and needs. An ideal setup is finding a place with only one venue, guaranteeing that no other couples getting married will be on the premises.

When you fall in love with a venue with other venues on the same property, you can go on a tour to determine whether they will affect your peaceful wedding. A strategic move is to compare your ceremony and reception's location with the other ceremonies and receptions.


An indoor venue may have numerous features to minimize outside noise. Solid doors, double-paned exterior windows, and wall insulation can all help with sound dampening. However, you may know that an outdoor wedding venue does not have these reliable sound blockers.

It becomes important to rely on other features, such as fencing, buildings, hills, and trees, to reduce any sound from other areas. A wedding venue may feel peaceful on one side of a hill during an in-person tour, even if there are busy roads and highways on the other side of the hill.

A peaceful and quiet wedding is one that you can look forward to happening when you are willing to follow these tips for picking a suitable venue.

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