Activities To Include During A Small Party On A Motor Boat

If you are going to be hosting a small party on your offshore boat this spring for you and some of your co-workers to enjoy, consider including the following activities to keep everyone's interest piqued and to make the celebration unique. 

Locate Specific Landmarks

Before the party begins, take your boat offshore and select some areas near the shoreline that you would like your guests to help you locate during a game. Choose items such as a specific dock, pier, house, or business.  Create a list of the items and make copies of it. During the party, show the attendees your boat's navigation equipment and provide everyone with a map of the area, a pair of binoculars, and a list of the items that need to be located. Allow guests to watch you navigate the boat through the water if they wish as they follow along with with their maps.

When an item on the list is discovered by one of the guests, award them with a point. Tally the points up once all of the landmarks have been located and give a small prize to the person with the highest amount of points.

Offer The Opportunity To Fish

Move your boat through the water until you have located a wide open area that is suitable for fishing. Furnish fishing poles and tackle to anyone who would like to participate in a fishing session. Fill large coolers with ice before the party and place them on the boat's deck so that fish that are caught will remain fresh if anyone would like to take their catches home with them after the party. Provide a demonstration of how to place bait on a hook, cast a pole, and reel a fish in if some of your guests have never went fishing before.

Hire A Water Skiing Instructor

Hire a water skiing instructor to bring along with you on the outing. Request that the instructor supply skiis, ropes, handles, life jackets, and safety gear if you do not own any of the items. An instructor will discuss the basic steps that need to be followed while skiing and will display each of them so that you and your guests can mimic them when it is time to participate. While people attempt to ski, take photographs of each of them so that you can give them copies of the pictures to be kept as mementos.

Once finished with all of the activities, welcome everyone to relax on the boat's deck while eating snacks or sipping cool beverages that you brought along for the gathering.