The Achy Golfer's Guide To Golf Cart Shopping

One reason people like to retire at 55 or so is to spend time enjoy their favorite hobbies. Many are avidly enthusiastic about active hobbies. During the week, they may engage in tennis, weightlifting, and other physical pursuits. On the weekend, they eye a trip to the golf course. Serious golfers may be a bit irked to discover their active pursuits during the week left them a little sore. Soreness can lead to distractions which, in turn, could upend a good game of golf. A golf cart absolutely makes a trip easier on someone who is a bit achy. Certain traits should be looked for when buying a golf cart when the goal is a smooth, comfortable, and (hopefully) pain free ride.

Consumer Reports for the Achy

A lot of mystery is removed from questions about how a golf cart handles when it is owned by the driver as opposed to rented. Not every golf cart handles the same way though. Golfers interested in the most comfortable ride should look for golf carts with:

  • A Reliable Suspension

The suspension system on a golf cart is not going to be as sophisticated as one found on a sports car. The suspension should avoid a lot of "bouncing up and down" while in motion. The same is true when the driver and passenger depart from the cart. Bouncing is not going to be appealing to someone whose back is a little sore from the gym. A decent suspension system won't be rife with problems such as this.

  • Smooth Braking

Although a golf cart is not going to be driven at high speeds, the brakes do need to ensure the mini-vehicle comes to a proper and smooth halt. Jerking forwards and backwards due to a weak braking system is not exactly comfortable. A person whose knee is annoying him or her probably won't be too thrilled about stomping down a foot to stabilize a harsh stop. Quality brakes mean quality stops. Always look for a golf cart with exceptional brake reviews.

  • Boosted Travel Range

How long and how far a golf cart travels depends on a few factors with the type of battery being one of the most important. Installing the right battery into a particular golf cart is going to allow the cart to travel quite a bit reliably. Anyone wishing to avoid added stress on their body definitely does not want to risk a golf cart running out of power.

Take all these points into consideration when shopping for a new or used golf cart form companies like Cart Company.