Easy Tips to Keep the Winter Weight Off

People often put on a decent amount of weight during the winter due to inactivity. It's easy to understand why: the temperature out is cold, so you stay indoors and eat food and don't do much. This is even one of the reasons why some bodybuilders choose to "bulk" during the cold winter months. Bulking is the period of time when you add a lot of extra calories to your diet in order to gain muscle (an unfortunate side effect of "bulking" is that you will also gain fat). It makes sense, then, that this time is one of the most difficult for people who are looking to maintain a proper weight. Here are a few ways to keep the winter weight off.

Install a Calorie-Counting App on Your Phone

One of the biggest problems with gaining weight during the winter is that people tend to overeat and also not consider what they eat. If you don't take into account the different foods and their caloric makeup, you will end up overshooting your daily caloric limit, and you'll gain weight. One of the the easiest ways to monitor your caloric intake is to install an app on your phone. This will allow you to track your daily intake. All you have to do is input your foods and it will track the calories and alert you when you're approaching the limit.

Walk Instead of Ride

It can be easier to ride somewhere than it is to walk. However, this is going to severely limit the amount of calories that you expend. So, what you need to do is stop taking buses/Ubers/trains when it is possible for you to walk. Even though it is during the winter, you should still consider walking as you will be able to burn more calories. Also, being out in the cold itself helps to burn calories as your body needs to expend energy to stay warm.

Take an Indoor Winter Cycling Class

You do need to exercise during the winter. However, it can be difficult to exercise when there is snow out and rain and overall a nasty outdoors situation. Many people end up not exercising or else doing limited exercise during the winter. This is because many outdoor experience areas are simply impossible to take part in during the colder months. So, what you will want to do is find an indoor winter cycling class and take part in this. These indoor classes are perfect for people who want to exercise (perhaps even ride a bike) in the freezing cold.

Consider finding a winter fitness coach to help you do all of these things and more. They can help you keep the weight off during the cold winter months.